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Chivimbiso Chambati: Reinventing myself through education


A woman who lives by the adage “where there is a will there’s a way”. In a time when mediocrity is hailed as excellency , I have met a woman whose will, passion and determination has seen her triumph past many hurdles. She is real, genuine and inspirational. I have known her from social media as Mai Batsi, she is a big sister, an aunt and a mother to many ,and she does not hesitate to give her advice which is proof of her experiences. She is in the mould of teachers who were called to teaching. She is reinventing herself through education. She is given to impart knowledge to her pupils, going to remarkable extents to achieve high standards. She speaks about her culture and family with a passion you can not miss, she has a unique brand of humor and an infectious laughter.

Who is Chivimbiso?

I am Chivimbiso Chambati, aborn again Christian and a full member of A.O.G. church. I am married and a mother of five, four girls and a boy. I am a grandmother to five, four boys and a girl. I was born in a polygamous family that is very loving and an exception from any others. I was born in Hurungwe near Magunje township along Magunje Karereshi road near Chehanga river. I am Korekore, ‘Tisu tedya rupiza nemadumbe tisikurukudza uku ngoma isidandaura’.I was among the first female conductors for Mazarura and Chawasarira bus Companies.

How did you become a teacher?

I made it a point that with every child I had, I added one subject until I finally got all her 5 my five O’Level subjects to earn my certificate. For me, this was a way of balance, and planing for my future. At first, I didn’t pass Mathematics, and my husband was also out of work then. We struggled to support our children, and I went to work in South Africa between 2007-2011. Although my husband made an attempt to join me, the piece jobs proved to be tough on him so we resolved that he could stay home raising our children. Eventually in 2012 he got a job enabling me to return home. I took the time to rewrite the Mathematics examination and attained a pass from both Cambridge and Zimsec. I went on to Morgan Zintech college and obtained a teaching Diploma in 2017. It was during my training at the college that I gained myself the nickname ‘Mai masausage’ as I would sell tasty roasted sausages to boost our income. In 2019 I secured a job as a teacher. I am currently teaching grade 7 pupils at Rugare Primary School in Harare.

How old were you when you got married?

My husband and I were married so many years back, and back then we married early. We had lost our birth certificates when our house was burnt down during the war. I can only tell you that my first child was born in 1990. I am now around fifty years old.

Where do you see yourself?

As for now, I am still studying, I am working towards a degree in Inclusive Education with Great Zimbabwe University. I am now in my third semester. The fact that I continued trying, up until I had six certificates for O’levels is proof that where there is a will there’s always a way. I did a diploma in ICT, supervision, mentoring and counseling between 2020-2021. I continue to educate and reivent myself, sot that I continue to be valuable to the education system for the benefit of my students.

What has been your guiding principle through out this journey?

I revere the scriptures and whenever things are going haywire I consult the word of God and my love for Christ has always kept me grounded. My pillar of support through this journey was my husband, my mother and sister in law and my mum Easther Muraicho, my kids, the Chambati family at large, AOG mothers and Pastors, Mr Mabviko Morgan ZINTEC College and Mrs Connie Chinyanyu sibanda.
Her love for her husband, children, grandchildren and family at large is evident in how she speaks about them with so much joy and happiness they are her’ joie de vivres!’


Chivimbiso is passionate about book designing a testament of her love for a profession that would sooner be extinct were it not for people like her who continue to give wholeheartedly despite the salary being a pittance. She really is the example of Proverbs 31 wife. Her life story is truly inspirational her success despite all the struggle is a motivation for all women out there , where there’s a will there’s also a way.

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