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Fresh Beats Alert: Lee McHoney’s New Music

Lee McHoney
Lee McHoney

Lee McHoney, has been generating a lot of buzz around the release of her highly anticipated EP. Fans have been eagerly following her on social media. Where she shares snippets of her new music and provides behind-the-scenes glimpses of her creative process. With her unique style and captivating vocals, Lee has been gaining a loyal following. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of her EP.

During an interview with Afrluencer Magazine earlier this year. Lee McHoney, the talented music artist, revealed exciting plans for her upcoming projects in 2024. Apart from her much-awaited album, she shared that her fans can expect a lot more from her in the coming year.

2024 projects

She disclosed that she is working on a new podcast titled “Sticks and Stones.” Additionally, Lee McHoney will be featured in a reality show called “Star Africa.” As a judge which will provide a little insight into her life and career.

As a musician, she will also be releasing new music, but she did not specify any details about the new album. She did, however, urge her fans to stay tuned for updates on her website and social media platforms.

New Music

Lee has been teasing her upcoming music by sharing snippets and insights into her latest projects with her fans.

In early March, Lee posted a snippet of one of her tracks from the Kuwe Mama EP on Facebook. The post carried the caption “new music” along with celebratory emojis, which got her fans excited about the upcoming release.

Later that month, Lee created a new WhatsApp channel called the Lee McHoney tribe. Where she has been sharing more details about her latest projects. During a WhatsApp chat, Lee shared another snippet of a song titled “Meet Again.” The song which was initially scheduled to be released on a Wednesday of that week. As an introduction to the Kuwe Mama EP. However, due to some technical issues in the studio, the track was not released as planned.

In a subsequent update on the Lee McHoney tribe WhatsApp channel, Lee officially announced “Meet Again” as the lead single from the Kuwe Mama EP. She also confirmed that the track is now scheduled to be released on March 30, 2024. This announcement has left her fans eagerly anticipating the release of the full Kuwe Mama EP.

“The song was inspired by a feeling of loss. We encounter people every day, but sometimes we are uncertain if we will ever see them again. Many of our friends have left the country in search of better opportunities, and we miss them dearly. We hope to reunite with them someday.”

Lee McHoney, 2024

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