Sunday, October 17, 2021


Amanda Ngcono Nkomo: The woman helping women in Zimbabwe dream...

With awards like the Zimbabwe Young Achievers awards 2018, the Zimbabwean International Women’s awards “Rising Star” 2018, a Zimbabwean Models Awards 2018 nomination under her belt Amanda is not looking back.


Probeatz: “Before I Go Underground” Album Review

Prolific beat boxer, DJ, actor and one of the best alternative hip hop artists in Zimbabwe



Having sex with a new partner for the first time

Having sex with a partner for the first time caan be nerve wrecking, heres how to go through with it with zero worries

The love cycle

Understanding the stages of your relationship can help you to pinpoint yours and your partner’s needs at any particular time

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GibsonxPronto the “feel good” duo in music

We create soul music, at times transcends to afro pop music, even house music but the heart of our music is soul
Nomthunzi Moyo

Nomthunzi Moyo: Starting a business as a young entrepreneur.

It required time and capital which I did not have. Eventually, through savings, hard work

8 African countries with highest paying jobs

Here's what you need to know if you’re searching for the best paying jobs in Africa

Easy Home-made Creamy Mashed Potatoes

This elegant accompaniment to any dinner or Sunday lunch

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

If you love all things sauce, this easy to make sauce is perfect!

Food & Drink


Hwabaraty launches fourth album: Umqakezeleni

we had a brief chat about his musical journey and upcoming album scheduled to launch at Esdudla Shops in Njube this weekend (September 1 2019).
The wood affair

The Wood Affair presents Movie Night

Whether its with your family, your girls or a date Movie night is one of the places to be

Zim’s Long John bags the SA Comics Choice Award

Pan African Comedian of the Year

Keith Ndlovu: Medicine, Art and Famous portraits.

I never expected this and I am truly grateful for the positive reception of my artwork.
African Influencer Awards

African Influencer Awards Nominees List

The list is comprised of game changers that have been influencing tends and inspiring change through out 2021

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