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15 Popular Tourist Destinations You Can’t Visit In 2024

Popular Tourist Destinations
Popular Tourist Destinations

What is are Tourist Destinations?

Tourist destinations are cities, towns, or areas that are significantly dependent on revenues from tourism. They market themselves as places for tourists to visit due to presence of a traditional, cultural, or heritage tourist attraction. A traditional tourist attraction is a place of natural beauty such as a beach, tropical island resort, national park, mountain, desert or forest. A cultural tourist attraction is a historical place such as a site of a significant historic event, monument, ancient temple, zoo, aquaria, museum, art gallery, or botanical garden. A heritage tourist attraction is a building or structure such as a fort, castle, library, former prison, sky scrapper, old abandoned mine, bridge, theme park, carnival history museum, old ruin, sculpture, statue, or historic train.

Why are Tourist Destinations closing?

A tourist destination’s popularity and safety is determined by the five A’s of tourism: Accessibility, Accommodation, Attractions, Activities, & Amenities. In 2024, your wanderlust may encounter unexpected roadblocks as some of the world’s most iconic destinations halt their services to satisfy the stipulated five A‘s. These popular destinations that are on every traveler’s bucket list close under the banner of preservation and enhancement. The closures offer a moment of reflection on the delicate balance between our desire to explore and the need to protect our cultural and natural heritage. As you delve into this gallery, discover the surprising, and hidden, reasons behind the inaccessibility of these famed locations.

1. Notre-Dame de Paris ~ Paris, France

Set to reopen on December 8, 2024, Notre-Dame is undergoing meticulous restoration following the devastating 2019 fire, aiming to restore its historical glory.

2. Smithsonian Castle ~ Washington DC, USA

This historic building is undergoing a comprehensive five-year renovation, starting in 2023, to modernize facilities while preserving its iconic architecture.

3. Park Hyatt ~ Tokyo, Japan

The iconic hotel is closing for a major renewal project and is set to reopen in 2025 with modernized amenities and refreshed interiors.

4. Noma ~ Copenhagen, Denmark

The world-famous three-Michelin-star restaurant is closing its doors in 2024 and will transition into a food lab by 2025, focusing on culinary innovation and exploring new flavors

5. The Phantom of the Opera ~ New York City, USA

After a historic 35-year run, this beloved Broadway show took its final bow in 2023, marking the end of an era in theater.

6. Elephant Trunk Rock ~ New Taipei City, Taiwan

Erosion led to the collapse of this famed natural structure in December 2023, removing a popular and valued natural landmark from the Taiwanese landscape.

7. Star Wars Galactic Star-cruiser In Disney World ~ Florida, USA

The immersive Star Wars experience closed in 2023, ending its journey as a unique attraction in Disney World. Disney regarded the closure as a ‘business decision.’

8. Centre Pompidou ~ Paris, France

The museum is undergoing a major modernization program and is expected to remain closed until 2030 to revitalize its iconic architecture.

9. Pergamonmuseum ~ Berlin, Germany

This museum is closed for extensive upgrades until 2027, enhancing visitor experience while preserving its cultural treasures.

10. Easter Island ~ Polynesia, Chile

To preserve its mystical Moai statues and archaeological sites, Easter Island is limiting visitor numbers. This strategy aims to protect the island’s fragile environment and its rich cultural heritage from the impacts of tourism.

10. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vineyard ~ Milan, Italy

Acquired by a private owner, this historic vineyard is no longer accessible to the public, shifting from a tourist site to private property.

11. Taj Mahal ~ Uttar Pradesh, India

The iconic mausoleum is undergoing significant cleaning and restoration in 2024, resulting in limited visitor access during this period.

12. Historic Sanctuary Of Machu Picchu ~ Eastern Cordillera Peru

Machu Pichu is implementing a visitor cap and complete closure on certain days in 2024 for preservation efforts, aiming to protect this ancient Incan site. Consider yourself lucky if you’re able to visit.

13. Splash Mountain In Disneyland ~ Florida, USA

This classic and world-famous ride is closed for renovation and retheming. After renovations, it is to open as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

14. Great Wall of China ~ Jiankou, China

The famed Great Wall of China is closing its Jiankou section for a period. This section is closed for restoration to ensure the safety and preservation of the wall’s historical integrity.

15. Angkor Wat ~ Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Maintenance on specific temples within the famous Angkor Wat complex will restrict access. The authorities are improving the features whilst preserving the ancient site’s heritage.

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