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Abangane A Safe Space For Expression

Zibusiso Mnandi
Zibusiso Mnandi

We strive to help those who suffer from mental illness along with their families to live healthier lives, despite the background of not only lack of access to proper and effective mental health and psychosocial services for the majority of the population. There is also a stigma and a lack of awareness on the nature of mental illness and as such we seek to bridge the gap between the traditional, cultural and historical narratives on mental health and the current demand for mental health from today’s population. We do this through targeted sessions of community engagement that allow professionals to share and assist communities to build their own mental health infrastructure through operationalizing the information they get.

How has the Abangane platform helped people through their experiences?

Support Groups Leading a dedicated team of volunteers behind mobilizing, and coordinating support groups that has had impact in underserved communities such as Mpopoma, Makokoba, Cowdry Park, Njube, and Pumula with a reach of over four hundred young people and not leaving them with no support but through doing follow up, counseling and referral.

Our online engagement that has reached over 1000 young people such as our Thurs-day group discussion, facilitating zoom meeting, Twitter spaces that have reached local, regional and international community

What impact has the platform had through out the nation?

We have hosted a suicide Prevention Conference and collaborated with other organisations such as Amplify the voice. We started as a WhatsApp discussion with Zimbabwean-based experts to have a physical conference that would impact more people from across the country. We have engaged in a massive suicide campaign to educate young people on mental health and how they can rise above depression.

What should we look forward to in future?

Maguguza Tech Hub, As an Accountrapreneur with Accountability lab since the inception of the program we have managed to clean up a tech room that has not worked for the past twenty years where media and literacy workshops have been kick-starting. We thrive to not only be a tech Hub but a safe space for young people to talk about their challenges.

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