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Jemima Mandemwa: “Let’s join hands in solving environmental problems”

Jemima Mandemwa
Jemima Mademwa: Miss Earth Zimbabwe

Jemima Mandemwa is an ambitious 21 year old, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance at the National University of Science and Technology. She owns a clothing line called Sanguine Femi which means optimistic females. Her clothing line derives its inspiration from the need to inspire on body positivity. Being a young lady that grew out of criticism, she managed to build up a better, stronger and consciuos version of her self out of that. She plays for the Lakers basketball club to keep healthy. She comes from a family of four, and is the youngest and the tallest. Jemima takes up space in environmental conservation as an activist – founder of an organization called Let’s Talk green Zimbabwe. The organisation is an interactive and broad network that enables people to join hands in coming up with solutions to problems affecting the environment.

What inspired you to start modelling?

JM My inspiration for modeling was derived from watching Miss World 2006. Seeing all the young ladies portraying beauty, poise and elegance in all under one nation. At first for me modeling was all about dressing and looking nice and being out there portraying the beauty and the poise. As l grew in the industry, I realized that there’s so much more that could be done using my voice on environmental issues and on body positivity. Modelling is that one platform that has enabled me to improve myself, learn life skills and also positively impact my community and those around me.

Tell us about your work as an environmental activist.

JM As an environmental activist, I have unlocked this person within me that advocates for environment care . The more I get involved with environmental issues, the more I feel like I am bringing positive change to saving the planet for the future generations to come. Working as an environmental activist has helped me to get off my comfort zone, to speak and give suggestions on the environment on various platforms. I managed to engage with the community by enlightening them that we can all bring forth change for Mother Earth.

What are the changes you’ve noticed in the world in terms focus on  environment?

JM There has been so much effort that has been put by the world leaders and youths towards environmental care. For example, there is a young female that inspires me when it comes to the environment known as Greta Thunberg. She is one of the people who speak for the environment. Currently, she’s in Glasgow for the COP26 Conference, which is all about discussing climate change. This shows that a lot of people, even us as young people all over the world have been coming together to speak for climate justice.

What are the most common environmental problems in Zimbabwe?

JM In the past six months, I stayed in Lupane for my internship program. I made some observations regarding the concern for human survival at the expense of environmental care. The forestry commission currently is putting effort towards retarding deforestation and encouraging afforestation in Lupane. They came up with ways to curb deforestation, these include the use of alternative sources of energy to prevent people from cutting down trees. For example the use of renewable energy sources, like solar power, and biogas power. In all this, I’m seeing that Zimbabweans are making so much of an effort to reduce environmental issue that we’re facing.

Are there enough women in Zimbabwe focusing in environmental issues?

JM Zimbabwe currently, has people that are putting in so much effort towards environmental care. However this becomes less significant because it’s always up to environmental activists to take care of the environment. Yet there is a need for everyone to be responsible for the environment. Nowadays, people are coming up who are pushing movements towards environmental care hence bringing us closer to a green country. There is still so much need to add more women within the youth who are able to come forth and speak about the environment as much as they can. We need to do so much as females and also the rest of Zimbabwe towards caring for the environment

How has your organisation Lets talk green Zimbabwe impacted change in Zimbabwe

Miss Earth Zimbabwe

i noticed that there is a need to push up volumes when we speak to people and the younger generation about the need to save the planet, not for ourselves only but for the future generation that is yet to come

Jemima Mandemwa

JM Let’s talk green Zimbabwe is a newly established organization. I created it after realizing that l can not influence all people to care about the environmental alone. The past few months of operation, I managed to open up my social media and online platforms just to encourage people on how they can be Eco-friendly and Eco-aware. Starting from home, workplaces, schools and anywhere else. I am happy with the progress that has been made within the organization which is based on my interactive networking, and promoting environmental awareness. A few days ago l did a tree-planting program at a preschool that I attended. The reason being that l wanted to start where I started from. l noticed that there is a need to push up volumes when we speak to people and the younger generation about the need to save the planet, not for ourselves only but for the future generation that is yet to come.

I am also working on more and more projects. A cleanup campaign with the Bulawayo city council is one of the projects am working on at the moment. I am hoping this shows people that the environment needs to be taken care of. On a larger scale, I am looking forward to involving the organization in one of the significant organizations in Africa that speak on environmental care and reach greater volumes. This can enable me to attend UN climate change conferences. These conferences allow us to voice what we believe when it comes to the environment.

As miss earth,  founder and entrepreneur how do you manage to be an all-round success

JM For me, success as a multitasker comes with good time management. In doing all this one has to have discipline as well as know that every part of their life has its own time. So what I do as a multitasker, I set time for everything so that I put so much effort. I have a timetable that I stick to consistently every single day, that also incorporates my well-being as an individual. Time management is what leads to success , having the discipline that everything has its own time and effort has to be put in equally for each field in life

How has being  in a position of leadership. helped you tackle environmental issues?

JM Being in a position of leadership has enabled me to amplify my voice. Growing up, I didn’t have much of a platform where I could speak on environmental issues such as climate change. At the present moment climate change is the greatest threat to the environment. But frankly, now as Miss Earth in Zimbabwe and founder of an organization that supports the preservation of the environment, I’m able to speak up and help people to come up with solutions towards issues such as droughts, floods and anything that depletes the environment.

What advise would you give upcoming environmental activists?

JM To all the aspiring environmental activists, I would like to say that there is so much possibility towards curbing climate change. I believe that climate change brings up issues like droughts, floods, deforestation, and all these other threats to the environment. The moment we tackle climate change is the moment we highly contribute towards environmental care. l will also encourage that they build a strong mentality on teamwork because coming up with change, cannot be done single handedley. You need to have a strong team that can stand by you and speak for you and also speaks with you for the environment. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Always remember that environmental preservation starts at home, school and work.



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