Sunday, July 21, 2024

Empowering and investing in women

VISION | MISSION | VALUES | OBJECTIVES | PROBLEM AREAS | OUR SOLUTION Afrluencer through AWN celebrates the milestones by women all over the globe in creating sustainable socio-economic change. AWN provides a platform that empowers women to achieve greater personal success, influence and professional parity, by providing valuable resources and networking opportunities, we enable women to advance their careers, business or community based projects.


A world where women are empowered to be agents of socio-economic change


  • To give women access to mentorship programs with seasoned business and career women, to encourage knowledge sharing.
  • To create a SAFE SPACE for women to discuss challenges they face, brainstorm solutions and improve problem solving skills.
  • To build an ACTIVE network of women that are ready to support each other, within and outside the network.
  • To give women ACCESS to funding opportunities within and outside the network.



our promise

P – powerful women, passionate about achieving our mission and taking a stand for the roles we play in our communities. R – respectful of each other and everyone we interact with regardless of our positions, background, beliefs and differences. O – optimistic that we can be agents of positive socio-economic change within our communities. M – mentors, leaders and role models guiding and sponsoring women through the stages of their individual, career and business development. I – innovators who are creative, resourceful and set on empowering and investing in women from all walks of life. S – supportive and accountable to each other, because more women leaders are a requisite to social development. E – empowered, strengthened by the active network of women we create and he knowledge we share.

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