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Zimbabwe: This fashion designer went from home-based to household name around Zimbabwe

Mthobi Sibanda
Bulawayo based designer Mthobi Sibanda of Indwangu Designea.

Mthobi, fashion designer went from home-based to household name around Zimbabwe. Mthobi Sibanda of Indwangu needs no introduction because of his incredible creativity, which has left us in complete awe! From precisely tightened corsets and snatched waists to,tailored embroidered suits! The creator and creative director of Indwangu, Mthobi Sibanda. Is a name that many people in the nation and city are already familiar with.

Who is Mthobi

Mthobi is a 28-year-old fashion designer from Bulawayo. He claims that growing up as the middle child in his family taught him the value of perseverance and excellence. “I think growing up as a middle child has helped me become resilient, adaptable, and skilled at what I do.” he says.

At an early age, the majority of people already have dreams about what they want to achieve when they grow up. But Mthobi did not always dream of being a fashion designer. Mthobi explains to us how he wanted to become a superstar. H was actively involved in singing and the drama club during his high school years. He wanted to be a performer and blow people away like Michael Jackson did.


His passion for stardom evolved with time, and he discovered his deep yearning for creativity, which he expressed in catchy sketches of designs. He began to have an unexplainable drive to sketch every day at midnight, and he realized how fashion was now branded in his heart. As he delved deep into the fashion world, he realized that it provided a platform to create visually stunning and impactful designs that could influence trends and empower individuals. “While my childhood aspirations may have initially been focused on becoming a superstar, my journey has led me to discover my true calling in fashion design.

“I am excited to bring my creativity, dedication, and diverse set of skills to contribute to the ever-evolving world of fashion.” Expressing his passion to his family and wanting to study fashion came with their fair share of challenges. He describes how his mother was very concerned, considering that he was a man and the state of the fashion industry in our country. Ultimately, his family’s initial concerns transformed into unwavering support as they witnessed his creativity, progress, and determination towards his passion. He explains with great joy that his family, especially his mother, are his biggest supporters.

Disrael Israel in a suote designed by Mthobi Sibanda of Indwangu
Disrael Israel in a suit designed by Mthobi of Indwangu Designs

Challenges in the Fashion Industry

The fashion business is not only about the creative side; the business side is also vital for survival and brand growth, and Mthobi is no stranger to this. He outlines the challenges he has faced, which include the limited infrastructure and resources available for fashion entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. When he began his business, he struggled with exposure, funding, and access to proper materials and equipment; however, he approached these challenges with determination and resourcefulness. Following Mthobi’s designs, one can notice how different and unique his suits for men are compared to the traditional suits and ties. He has consciously broken these traditional fashion trends by incorporating fabrics such as those associated with women’s fashion into his men’s suits. For instance, the use of fabrics like organza, silk, and satin predominantly characterized the runway collection that he showcased at the Windhoek Fashion Week in 2022.

His collection was characterized by neat beading, lace appliques, and tassels, and its uniqueness caught the attention of many. The collection was inspired by the struggle we have to endure on the path that we have chosen, the weight of our dreams, and how much we aspire in the real and ethereal parts of our lives. He explains his experience at the Windhoek Fashion Week as one roller-coaster of emotions because he was anxious and excited to be sharing his work with an international audience.

Conscious Communication

Indwangu by Mthobi Sibanda truly values all its clients. The creative director expressed, “Each client holds a special place in my journey as a designer. The true measure of my success lies in the relationships I build with my clients. And the impact I’ve made in their lives.” It is his mandate and the mandate of his company to deliver high-quality designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and excellent customer service.

Mthobi believes that every client, regardless of their prominence, brings unique challenges and opportunities, and he equally loves dressing everyone. His brand thrives on the inclusivity of all people and does not discriminate. This is evident in his muses, who come in different body shapes and genders. He explains that working with clients from diverse backgrounds, with different body types and varying fashion preferences. This has allowed him to grow and become even more creative.

Follow Mthobi

Mthobi Sibanda is another maestro of fashion in the making. With a promising future of building a massive international fashion empire! You can follow his social media and get in contact with him on

Instagram: Indwangu_by_umthobie_sibanda


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