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Seargirl to roll with the punches at Mahlekisa Comedy Club roasting show

Novuyo Seagirl
Novuyo Seagirl to be a guest at the Mahlekisa Comedy Show

Jesse Ncube

Bulawayo’s multi-award winning singer, Novuyo Seagirl will be rolling with the punches when she gets raked over the coals by a wild panel of roasters for the upcoming Mahlekisa Comedy Central roasting show.

The roast is slated for 25 January at Hope Center (opposite Central police station), where she will take the hot seat for the grilling session, answering a number of questions from a  number of panelists.

A roast is a form of humour in which a specific individual who will be a guest of honour, is subjected to jokes at their expense intended to amuse the event’s wider audience, its a way of honouring the specific individual in a unique way.

On the roast, genuine praise and tributes of the guest of honour will be dished out in a comic fashion with some good humour and not as serious criticism. The entire show is meant to allow people to know more about Seagirl through jest.

She  will be on stage with some of her close associates such as Qeqeshiwe Mntambo, Stewie Le Savage, Thando Gwinji, just to mention a few, with Ntando Van Moyo as the roast master.

Seagirl will seat fearlessly as these panelists sharpen their claws as a way of celebrating her immense contribution to the growth of the local arts industry.

The comedy roast will be the third edition after the late Cal_Vin and Van Moyo also faced the heat, and Seagirl will be the first Bulawayo female singer to feature on the throne.

A single ticket to the show is pegged at US$5 while double tickets are sold at US$8.


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