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What’s a girl to do about a Post Period Funk?

Why does my vagina smell after my period?

You’ve showered for the second time in the day, changed your undies thrice in the same day, put on more perfume than you normally do but the funk just won’t go away. Every girl knows what this is about, and this is very normal. Read that last line again, right, it is normal to get a bad odor after your period.  

This has nothing to do with hygiene, so go easy on the floral scented shower gels, creams and body sprays. Your period blood is to blame says Lauren Streicher, M.D., Medical Director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual medicine and Menopause, US.

The science behind that is: the vagina needs to have a low pH in order to keep the healthy bacteria in it alive and doing its job. Period blood has a high pH which can upset the balance and cause bad bacteria to come in, pushing out the right bacteria for you.

So, what can a girl do? You have to understand that vaginal odour, like discharge, is very normal. You need to maintain healthy period habits-changing your period protection on time as this might be an indication that you need a change.  Consider wearing much breathable underwear, such as cotton and less tight clothing such as jeans and spandex to keep things dry down there.

Do not douche as this has been linked to bringing on infection like bacterial vaginosis (BV) that cause more bad odors. However, find intimate feminine washes with pH levels between 4.5 and 8-9 balance out your vagina’s pH as recommended by Dr. Jean-Marc Bohbot Medical director of the Fournier institute of Paris.


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