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Travel Light, Travel Right!

Travel light to get your journey right.

Travel light
Travel light

Do you love traveling? Everybody loves travel, it’s only a matter of time for you to unleash the traveling beast in you. Need help unleashing your inner beast? Do not worry, I have a few tricks to entice you up my sleeves. Did you know that Italy has a free, public wine fountain? Or that 60% of the lakes on earth are located in Canada? Another one, 600 people work at the Eiffel Tower daily? Or that jetlag feels worse if you travel from West to East. So what is it going to be? Italy, Canada or Eiffel Tower?

Why Do People Travel?

Ever wondered why many people traveling? I am pretty sure you probably have at some point, so stick around I will share a few tips with you! Kids, especially those at primary school, kindergarten or whatever, usually travel to learn. These travel after about two to three weeks of nagging and tantrums towards their financially stiff parents to take them to an island that was shown on a TV Commercial. They usually travel with their paranoid parents whom they would be constantly frustrating by requesting money for all possible flavors of ice-cream.

The school folk travel during holiday, summer break or semester break usually for fun, just to have something to gloat and boast about next term or semester. The business folk travel to relax and have a nice adventure with family away from all the boring presentations and the up to 3-hours-long stressful board meetings. Adolescents and young adults nowadays are very much prone to mental challenges such as depression. Their shrinks always advise them to travel so as achieve mental transformation and improve mental health especially by swimming in salty water of a sea. Couples, especially young lovers engage in travel to feel alive and create everlasting memories. Some travel because they can afford to and they have money to burn. To be honest, I travel to eat!

What is Traveling Light?

Now that you have a few ideas about why people travel, let us talk about something more interesting: traveling light. Traveling light is travelling from point A to point B carrying a minimum load or luggage usually characterized by packing just a backpack. Yes, you heard me right, ‘A BACKPACK!’ This is governed by the spiritual rule of traveling light called the 1-2-3-4-5-6 Rule. The general guideline is to pack 1 hat, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of bottoms (trousers, shorts or whatever), 4 tops or shirts (short-sleeve, long-sleeve or outer layer), 5 pairs of socks (long or short) and 6pairs of underwear. All this should be enough to last you plus or minus two weeks.

 After packing all of that your duffle bag will probably be still having some space for you to toss in a few essential toiletries, guidebooks and electronics. The objective is to pack for the best scenario, not the worst unless of course your destination is the -94 degree Eastern Antarctic Plateau, where you have to pack a minimum of of five bomber jackets, and a sack of winter socks.

What Are the Benefits Of Traveling Light?

Traveling light can help you move more comfortably and freely. This means more freedom and ease of mind as you can easily maneuver through the crowded spots with a mere backpack other than hauling a 62 inches, 50pounds leather suitcase trying to maneuver through the jam-packed London Heathrow Airport and find a taxi during peak hours of the festive season. Imagine that! Another advantage, one is at liberty to speed through the baggage claim other than being stopped by the airport security for a search just because a mascara at the bottom of your suitcase resembles a pen-knife, how much of your time gets wasted away?

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears!”

~ Glenn Clark (Former Minister Responsible for Youth of British Columbia)
Travel Light

And then there are those who tend to travel on impulse, this is advantageous in the sense that, if the Maldives that you would have fantasized about tend not to tick all your boxes in reality, you can then immediately hop into the next plane heading towards China-Nepal for a spontaneous Mouth Everest climb. Last but not least, you are secure, all your accessories are in one order making your ability to organize become much easier. This eliminates the chances of wasting time tracking down your goods at the airport and also you do not have to pay much more on taxis or commuters.

Above all, remember what matters is the reason for you travel. That same insane drive that instigated you to hit the road, cherish that one because you only feel it once!

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