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Top 5 side hustles you can start with just $100


Most people never try side hustles because there are waiting for the perfect season and a  plan or a billion dollars to fill their bank accounts. Profiting business don’t have to start with perfect plans or overfilling bank accounts. A simple $100 bill or less with a bit zeal and a sprinkle of confidence can bloom a flourishing business that can produce surprisingly high profits for you. The key to a successful side hustle is having the appropriate information about what it is you want to do. Whether you’re thinking of buying something for resell, selling your skill or offering a custom product, here’s a round up of five businesses you can start with a hundred dollars or under.

1. Consultancy

The need for consultant services is high in all types of business. The main aim of consultants is provide proficient advice on certain business issues or problems. If you have any talents, skills,experience and knowledge on a certain business aspect you can start a consulting agency. This maybe digital marketing expertise, market research, financial advise, or any skills required by businesses or small start ups in today’s business environment. The only major costs involved is promoting and networking your business which costs less that $100.

2. Hand crafted products

The demand for home made products currently is at its peak . Home made products are cheaper to make and are likely to be less expensive compared to products sold by retail shops. Starting a home made product business is not expensive at all, its about the uniqueness and quality of your products.

The best. thing about this side hustle is there are many Facebook and WhatsApp groups offering tutorials about how to make dish washing liquid, soap, floor polish, shampoos. This. means you. can gain the skill for free and just invest in the ingredients you require to make the products.

3. Catering

If you are able to cook and plan a whole menu for different types of events, here is your side hustle. You can start. by offering meals for friends and family. in small gatherings. Build a brand and reputation till. you are able to offer people around your community catering services.

Because there is competition, capitalise on exptional service, clean food, and play around with taste and flavor to differentiate yourself in order to get testimonials and increase your client base

4. Youtube vlog

The world is technologically advancing on a daily basis and almost everyone has laptops or phones with inbuilt cameras. With the availability of these any person can create interesting and stimulating videos on anything they are good at or very interested in.

YouTube will require your content to be stimulating in order to build a following around it. Then you will start earning from the platform, through advertisements, brand a,mbassador deals, and ultimately the youtube paycheck.

5. Baking

Everyone loves to eat sweet baked stuff once a in while and mostly on occasions. Baking business are one of the most significant home based businesses. The number of individuals who purchase baked products for different occasions is very high. All you need is to utilize your home kitchen, oven and baking skills to create tantalizing and appealing food stuff. Youtube and Instagram are there to give you ideas on how to create tasty, visually appealing treat, dont shy away from doing your research there. You can also later grow your business by selling your baked products to shops for resale.

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