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The Wood Affair presents Movie Night

The wood affair
The wood affair movie night

There’s nothing better than getting together to watch a good movie. The Wood affair is bringing that to the city of skies. Now you can go out with the kids for a night out The Barn for a family movie, or simply go out for a date or a girls night out to enjoy a good movie. Movie Night is the most happening family event in Bulawayo this festive season, and the organizers plan on bringing it on into 2021.

Options vary from outdoor to indoor depending on the weather. If you are looking to escape the city and go to a nice hideout, meet like minded people and just have a good time, movie night is the best event to go to.

The wood affair
The wood affair movie night

The movie line up is family friendly and the environment is safe for all ages. The organisers of movie night always send out information about which movie is showing so you can make a choice prior to attending the movie

To spice it up, the organizers of movie night have introduced guest performances by some of the city’s finest artists. If you plan on attending Movie Night on the 13th of December look out for performances by MJ Sings and Focus Accapella. This is sure to be a fun packed event.

The gates open at 1300hrs for a picnic, you can expect a beautiful scenery and a family friendly set up. The movie starts at 1830hrs, you still have time to take the kids back home should they be tired. Better yet, you are allowed to bring your own snacks and cooler box, so you won’t run out of refreshments.

Make a date with The wood affair at The barn on Sunday the 13th of December 2020 at 1300hrs for a fun filled day and evening.



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