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My experience playing “20 Questions” with Vuyo Brown


I recently caught up with Vuyo Brown (Vuyolwethu Ngwenya), a Bulawayo born gospel singer, who is famous for her chart topping single entitled ‘Thula Wazi.’ When she arrived at the Afrluent Media studio, she seemed rather quiet and reserved, but as time went on, she proved to be that of a bubbly and open personality.

I was impressed with how she did her own make up to get ready for the set. The look was fresh, no-fuss but flawlessly done. To top that, she wore the famous Ndebele Crush t-shirt which gave the team at Afrluencer great vibes!

The YouTube is a must watch for the star’s fans to see her let loose and tell us her interesting secrests. Not only did she have the whole room bursting with laughter, she owned the space. I particularly enjoyed being in Vuyo’s company because she was free, friendly and not witholding on the jokes.

Her accents immitations and dance moves prove that she’s multi talented and a born entertainer. I learnt about the old “MaDawu dance” which she broke down into a series of head movements which seem a lot easier when she does them.


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