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Masvingo, a spectacular ruined city every visitor ‘must see!’

Interesting staff about Masvingo Province.

Canoeing in Masvingo
Canoeing in Masvingo

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

With a history dating back to pre-colonial times, the Province of Masvingo, in south-eastern Zimbabwe, is a ‘must-see’ destination for many visitors. One of its main attractions is the ruins of the medieval city of Great Zimbabwe, from which the country takes its present-day name. Located in the hills near Lake Mutirikwi, this monument (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is full of history, providing the perfect day out for visitors in Zimbabwe.


The site of Great Zimbabwe is located between the Mighty Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is the largest collection of historical ruins in sub-Saharan Africa. At the time it was built, Great Zimbabwe was home to as many as 20 000 people of the Karanga tribe, descendants of the Shona, who built the city for their king. Today, the ruined city is a source of pride for Zimbabweans, who appreciate the architectural prowess that went into its tall chiseled walls and stone towers. There are similar ruins all over southern Africa, but none as large and intact as those of Great Zimbabwe!

Lake Mutirikwi

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In a radius of 40 km from the town of Masvingo, there is Lake Mutirikwi (formerly Lake Kyle). It is the country’s second largest inland lake. The lake has beautiful views of granite castle kopjes. It also has Miombo woodlands containing over 25 species of wild animal and a recreational park on the north shore.

Mutirikwi Dam Wall

About 15km from the turn-off to Great Zimbabwe is the Mutirikwi Dam Wall (Kyle Dam). It was built in 1960 in an Italian style to create a reservoir to irrigate the vast citrus and sugar estates of the Low-veld. The lake is a perfect stop-off for visitors on their way back from a day out at the ruined city.

The Chamavara Caves

On the national monument rankings the caves are number 74. The caves are famous for “the huge human figure” painting which is pure Zimbabwe Rock Art. The site is also home to Dengeni Cave and Rumwandi Rock Shelter (formerly called Impey’s Cave). These were intensively studied by Leo Frobenius and Henri Breuil, both pioneers of rock art research in Southern Africa. The two researchers denied a local origin for the rock paintings and saw Egyptian or Minoan influences and used their interpretations.

Mushandike Sanctuary

Your final stop, has to be Mushandike Sanctuary, which is a nice recreation, picnic and game viewing site. It has a wide array of predominantly plains game species. It is an ideal place for boating, fishing and camping. For those wishing to extend their stay, Mushandike Sanctuary has caravan and camping sites.

Enjoy your visit to Masvingo Province!

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