Keith Ndlovu is a medical student and pencil artist based in Harare Zimbabwe.
Born in Hwange and Medical student at the University of Zimbabwe. He started drawing in 2017 as a hobby and a way to cope with the stress of medical school. 2 years later his work is appreciated by so many people in Zimbabwe and beyond.

His talents certainly go beyond the arts, Keith was the president of the Zimbabwe Medical Students Association, where he has made some contributions over the last 4 years in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health including Gender Based violence. He was the project coordinator of the IMUNZI Project which is an international project that aims at educating young people on Sexual Health and HIV.

Keith is a holder holder of a certificate from the Danish Youth Council for training I received on Project Management, Advocacy, Youth Influence and Sustainable Projects, held in May 2019.

Stressing the need for a great support system, Keith notes that “my mother and the entire family, as well as a few friends who have become family, support me and that goes a long way. I try to maintain a good network. They say your network is your net worth. So through this network I try make the most of whatever opportunity that comes my way.”

“I aim to tell a story with my portraits. Every human being has a story and my wish is to capture that story in one piece of art. Sharing the story of others peoples lives through portraiture.”

I began making portraits in 2017. It was nothing more than a hobby. I would watch YouTube videos and buy art stationery. Eventually my drawing caught people’s attention so I decided to charge for portraits. I have a few colleagues who have contributed immensely to my development as an artist, namely Shanfield Moyo.

I have a very supportive audience. The shares, likes and retweets go a long way for an artist. It’s not always about money. Audience is the biggest asset for any artist.
I have been commissioned to make artwork by clients from all over Zimbabwe and the world. I am truly grateful.

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