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Indigo Saint’s freestyle catches US DJ Sway’s attention.

Indigo Saint on Instagram
93 till infinity

By Jesse Ncube

Indigo Saint, a Bulawayo based rapper is proving that lyrical dexterity is something of great importance in the Zimbabwean hip-hop terrain.

The rapper recently dropped a nonstop, awe-inspiring 5-minute freestyle on Twitter titled 93 In Infinity which got a nod from American journalist, radio personality, executive producer and rapper Sway Calloway who is well known for hosting artistes on his Sway in The Morning show.

The freestyle contains some of the most potent imagery and lucid storytelling about depression, competition grind and the desperation that it all breeds.

Sway took to twitter and retweeted a video link of the track and toggled the follow button on Indigo Saint’s Twitter profile and the MC had to drop a little humble brag about the whole thing.

“Sway retweeted our freestyle earlier today, everyone is excited! I am too. I know it’s not a cosign, or an endorsement but, we were seen and that’s a big W. Couldn’t have happened without everyone coming through with their support and love,” the rapper said.

The three-timer hip hop awards winner really seems to be one of Zimbabwe music’s all-time most important voices on this freestyle with his composed lyrical muscle which is loaded with a lot of mad punchlines which are delivered with a performance that’s so impressive.

The talented hip-hopist could really be dominating mainstream hip-hop music, in a delicate tightrope act that almost no one else will ever be able to manage for the span of time that he might have in the future.

His focus on hard written punchlines and bars which got him scooping awards in the past should pave way for other artists in the game to concentrate on their lyrics than having a great melody, as this is the most important component of hip hop.

The gesture from Sway could it be a sign that this rapper’s productions are out of this world and he is really international standard?

Well, if you listen and watch the video, you’d agree with me, maybe at least if given fine platforms, Indigo has what it takes to raise the Zimbabwean flag internationally.

“I am humbled to receive recognition from such a high-profile personality for my work, its encouraging and it inspires me to push harder, do more and push boundaries”, he says.

Indigo is many things in one, off music he is an avid advocate for mental health awareness and is the founder of Xoxa, a free online counselling platform.

The visuals were Shot, edited and directed by LuluBlakk at Tarryn Talana Studios.

Check out the freestyle here.


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