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How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

Most well known YouTube influencers of today are self-invented stars. They most likely started their YouTube channels as a hobby or a talent sharing platform. YouTube presented them with an opportunity to share their creations with the world and make money from their content. The good news is that the world is continuously upgrading and advancing technologically on a daily basis, thereby increasing the number of people who can access youtube. This means that anyone can be a You-tuber as long as they produce great content. I have put together how to make money from YouTube, to help you monetize your content.

Become a YouTube Partner

The YouTube partner program allows content creators or inventors to gain access to more YouTube resources and tools. For you to be part of the programme you have to make your channel productive and sufficient to meet the requirements needed. Being a partner will allow you to gain access to monetization features such as you-tube premium revenue and super chat payments

Sell your merchandise

The production and selling of merchandise should increase your revenue base. Your merchandise should symbolize your channel and create a leeway between you and your audience. Selling merchandise will not only boost your income, but also increase your exposure leading to a rapid growth of your subscribers.

License your content to the media

In cases where you create a video and it becomes viral, you can license your production in exchange of money. When television shows contact you to utilize your content, you can charge them a certain fee for a period of time. This will put your inventions out for the world to see, at the same time boosting your fan base

Work with brands as an influencer

Most brands are now investing more in individuals who already have captured the loyalty and love of their audience. Influencer marketing was labeled by Gary Vaynerchuk as the advertising rock of the next generation. This gives an opportunity to you-tubers as influencers to gain more revenue-generating deals from brands.

Affiliate links

The promotion of affiliate links on youtube can boost your bank account. Youtubers who promote products using affiliate links often gain commission. A few recommendations of products or including a few links in your descriptions might gain you a handful of income.


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