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Here’s why you need a primer for your makeup looks

How to use makep primer
What is make up primer

Makeup primer has grown in importance over the past few years. On the contrary, I have noticed that many upcoming makeup artists and people who do their make up skip this stage completely. Most people are unsure of what it is, what purpose it serves, and how to apply it to their make up routine. Luckily, I have demystified the issue in this article, go ahead give it a try.

Think of primer as a preparation on your skin before the work of art is done. The first thing to do would be to wash your face clean of all impurities, moisturize with your daily moisturizer and wait for it to set into the skin before applying the primer.

What is a primer?

Makeup primer may come in the form of a cream, liquid, or gel. You can choose according to your preference and skin type and your goals for your skin. Primer might be slightly tinted to suit the shade of your skin (you can actually wear this on its own if you don’t want to wear any makeup or be absolutely clear. There is a primer for the whole face and there are primers for eyes. Primers for eyes are most likely not tinted.

What doe a primer do?

So, seriously though, do you ever use makeup primer?

Of cause with makeup, you can do as you please as long as it works for you. However, if you are those people that end up with runny makeup, smudged eyeliner, overdone patches, you need a primer. Primer, just like any other surface preparation item, is there to get your skin ready to be worked on. Skin primer reduces the size of the pores on your skin to give you a flawless look with no bumps or irregularities. Primer smooths out your skin and creates an evenly toned surface on which you can apply your foundation to give you that polished finish. In this regard it becomes the base for your make up, creating adhesion that helps your make up stay on for longer.

Because primer blocks your pores and creates a smooth layer for makeup application, it helps bring out the shades of foundation and shadows on your skin as you apply makeup. At the same time, it helps this last for longer, look beautiful and defined for longer.

Here’s a quick comparison of skin before and after primer application

If you don t want to layer on some makeup on your skin, you can apply a primer for a flawless even and polished finish.

How to use makeup primer

Use your finger to apply some makeup primer in sections on your face. Try and cover the areas where your pores seem the largest. These are likely to be your problem areas that get oily fast, causing your make up not to last longer. Add on the product bit by bit as required. Always make sure that your skin is clean and that you have moisturized first.


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