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Here’s why men turn down sex sometimes

Why he says no to sex

You’ve thrown yourself at your man and he doesn’t seem up for it. That is absolutely normal and there are reasons why a man might not jump to have sex any time it is offered to him. Even the one guy that’s always after sex might turn you down if he’s going through a lot. We assure you, it has nothing to do with you and there is nothing wrong with you. So there is no reason for a bruised ego or wondering if you are the problem, here’s why:

Though men might think about sex, proven to be nineteen time a day, which really sounds like a lot, it doesn’t follow that they are ready for it and want to have it there and then. Despite the fact that women naturally assume that men are ready to pounce whenever opportunity presents itself, the truth is that sometimes they have a lot on their minds to focus on sex. It may seem unnatural when he declines your offer, and honestly sexual rejection sucks for both women and men. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your relationship.

He says no to sex

A common fact is that sometimes your desire and his desire can come at different times. Yes, you’re ready to get it on but he might not be in the mood because it isn’t the right time in the month. Ian Kerner, PhD, Sex Therapist and Author of She Comes First, says “men derive their sexual self-esteem from their careers and financial security”. Given the current economic situation there are higher chances he’s not up for it.

We are not letting this go without a fight. There are a few tricks worth a try whenever you’re better half seems to be under the weather. Kerner suggests to support your man during this time as opposed to guilt tripping him or bursting out in anger which might just kill his ego and cause him to be more distant. Another way of motivating him is to plant a sexy thought in his head to get him thinking wild again. Kerner suggests saying something like “oh man, I just had a flashback of that night I was riding you in my five inch high heels and got so turned on” . The good thing about such bait, is it can lure him, also if he’s still not up to it, you won’t feel as rejected.


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