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Having sex with a new partner for the first time

Sex with a new partner

After having spent much time with a new partner going out on dates,picnics, road trips and spending time with friends reality strikes. “YES!!!” its time to have sex with your new partner when that time comes a lot of expectations and thoughts also come through with full force. You’ll begin to ask youself many questions like will she like it, will he think this is too much, will we be bored.

The truth of the matter is that there really is no formular to how the two of you can both a great experience on your first time together. Below is a few things to consider should you be preparing for a hot session with your new partner.

Talk to your partner,openly

Meeting a new partner really gives everyone goose bumps, even before you take things to the next level. Its like having a new born baby where you have to learn from scratch their likes and dislikes. Communication is key, so start with the basics like what your new partner does for fun, his/her favourite food, what they do on their spare time and what new things they would like to do. This will give you an idea of who they are,whether they are conservative or wild, freaky or reserved. Nothing is ever too much or awkward to ask or suggest when it comes to sex, feel free to communicate openly. This is a way to create an emotional bond before getting physical.

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Think less, do more

Having sex with someone new for the first time is fun for other couples as they take it as an adventure rather than something so nerve wrecking. Overthinking about how the next person is going to react when they see your body builds some insecurities. The more you think about this the less fun you will have. Noone has a perfect body, everyone has something they don’t like about themselves and that is alright. There is beauty in all our imperfections.

Having sex with a new partner

Your partner is there thinking “she has a tummy” “her thighs are thick”….if they are, its mostly because they like it. The more you think negatively about your body, the less of a great experience you. will have.

Own your insecurities

Talking to your partner about some of your insecurities during sex helps them understand your needs better. It helps if you discuss your imperfections from a positive stand point. Sometimes what we think are flaws are the things peopl love about us. Leave it for them to decide,you might be surprised that that is what turns them on.

Tell your partner what you want

Letting you new partner know how you like to be handled during sex, the type of positions that you prefer, hygiene aspects creates a fun environment for both of you to explore and at the same time give each other the best experience. Most importantly, let your partner know the staff you like, the things that make the experience pleasurable for you, and be open to learning something new. Sex is meant to be fun and at the same time intimate for both parties to reach an orgasm.

Spice it up

Lastly, create the right atmosphere. A bit of music can help calm the environment for both of you. Do not skip the romance, very often you need to maximise on this stage. Explore each other’s bodies kissing, caressing, oral sex this helps in gettting both of you excited and in the mood to go on. The whole act is nicer when you show that you are feeling your partner and encourage them with sounds, facial expression, body movements and anything that shows your partner how yo feel. Talk to your partner while you’re at it, this keeps you connected.

So keep your partner hungry and looking forward to what other skills you have that’s if your romance is on point the penetration stage will be just a finisher to release what has since been cooking in the pot.



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