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Tatenda Rungisa: Giving the youth a sense of purpose

Tatenda Rungisa
Tatenda Rungisa launches first book

Tatenda Rungisa is a Bulawayo based Human resources Practitioner, blogger. She is author of the upcoming book titled: “How to get the best out of college” set for launch in January 2021. She has written this book as a way of giving young people a sense of purpose. This is a book every A’level student, college student and parents should read. She conscientizes millennials on how to choose the correct major, life in college and entrepreneurial skills. She has since got endorsements for her first book and is ready to write even more books to educate young people.

How is your book giving the youth a sense of purpose?

I have six years of experience as a human resources manager, and during this time I have noticed a lot of trends with young people when they come looking for employment. Most people lack the knowledge of what areas of study to focus on, and in most cases young people are not choosing what to study. This is very common among African families, to they choose courses  for their kids, regardless of the student’s actual interests and skills. I have written this book to make sure that young people know what happens at college, what to expect during their tenure in college, how to choose courses. I even focus on life after college, such topics as employability skills, entrepreneurial skills as well as working in the diaspora to give them a sense of purpose

Tatenda Rungisa
Tatenda Rungisa launches first book

How has been the experience of writing a book from scratch

It was taxing because this was my first book, but I was willing to put in the time and work required. My schedule changed as I had to put a lot of time in the book, I was multitasking and doing a lot of research. I enjoyed this experience because it opened a lot of doors for me, as I worked with many people who even endorsed the book. It gave me an opportunity to learn and network with has greatly shaped the outcome of the book.

This experience has taught me that I can do more. I am not stopping here. I will continue to write more books to inspire more people

Tatenda rungisa


Who has endorsed your book?

Working on this book I got to meet a lot of people who have helped me get exposure for my work. I will be revealing these people on the day of the book launch. I have reviews from industry professionals in media, tertiary education, as well from lecturers, fellow authors and students. All these people have had an impact on the book, and they are helping me spread the word about the upcoming launch.

How have you managed to market the book?

As i was witting this book I was targeting a b road audience from parents, professional, students and those that have just finished college. I have a scheduled radio interview on one of the biggest radio stations in Bulawayo. I have been going to media houses to talk about this book. All this has created an interest within the public mostly graduates.

I’m expecting entrepreneurs, authors recent graduates and upcoming students to attend the launch because there is a lot to learn for them. I have guests of honor who are industry leaders who have a lot to share with young people. Tickets will be available for sale to the public on a date to be advised.

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