You read that right! Your make up looks a thousand times better with false lashes. If you haven’t already been rocking some, it’s time to get you started. But, not with out a few things to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know about fake lashes that will get you looking good and ensure you take care of your lash line.

Can I wear fake lashes every day?

It’s not advised to wear full strip fake lashes every day, especially those pasted with lash adhesive because the glue forms a seal along the lash band which can block sweat glands.

This could lead to infection or other gland problems.

Magnetic lashes are more gentle because they typically grip to the lashes themselves, however, this can cause lash loss as they’re removed.

If you do want to wear fake lashes every day, carefully remove the glue and use a lash serum to protect them.

Do false eyelashes ruin your real lashes?

False eyelashes, used correctly and sparingly, are unlikely to ruin your real lashes.
You may suffer from occasional eyelash loss if used regularly but as long as you apply and remove them according to the instructions, any damage will be minimal.
Using a lash serum and eye cream can help mitigate any damage.

Can you sleep in fake lashes?

In the same way you shouldn’t sleep with your make up on, it’s not a good idea to sleep with your fake lashes on.
Falling asleep with them on once or twice shouldn’t do any harm but don’t do it regularly.

If given the right TLC, most false eyelashes should be reusable, especially if you’re paying a higher price point.

If you’re looking to lengthen, volumise, or just enhance your natural lashes, there’s a pair of falsies out there for every style.

So whether you want to create party peepers with thick lashes that add volume, don the lashes the celebrities love, wear the perfect pair of eyelashes for sensitive eyes, or find out the best drugstore buy, we’ve got you covered with our rounded up our pick of the best fake eyelashes below.

There is something for everyone. Find the suitable style for you.

Get the step by step guide on how to apply your fake lashes.


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