Home Fashion “Dad Sandals” the new Ugly shoe of fashion.

“Dad Sandals” the new Ugly shoe of fashion.


With a lot of grunge, 80s and 90s fashion making its way back to our closets, the ‘dad sneaker’ is about to share its spotlight with the new hit in fashion. Iconic and nostalgic, the dad sandal is very much like those shoes you see on hiking middle aged men! Complete with supportive straps (which is a plus for your feet), velcro fastenings and cork soles, how ugly does it get?

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The shoes’ soft, comfortable foot bed and wipe-clean surface, makes it a footwear hybrid that harnesses the same ironic appeal that transformed dad trainers into sartorial statements. A shoe synonymous with ageing outdoorsy types has officially become one of the most in-demand wardrobe staples. They are so bad they are good, like a guilty pleasure. It is such a divisive summer trend.

Moreover, think function meets fashion in foot wear, and the sartorial scale isn’t tilting when we wear them with socks as the trend permits. From international fashion stylist Alexa Chung, fashion model Cara Delevigne to local fashion influencers, the Dad sandal is swiftly making its way back to everyone’s feet.

What’s chic about them is that they may seem obscure and ‘uncool’ but that’s the beauty of them, so you really can’t get it wrong. Get on with the summer counterpart of the dad sneaker this summer! The dad sandal is worn in most cases with feminine pieces of clothing, perfect for outdoorsy events like a trip to the mall or going to the fair.

It is literally the one pair of shoes that will go with everything in your wardrobe! Its sheer versatility allows you to pair it with a midi skirt and t-shirt, to tailored suits. They go with most statement clothing to simple pairs of jeans. Add them to a pleated skirt and you have the ultimate chic look for summer. If you need more convincing, head on to instagram and check out how fashion influencers are mixing them up with traditionally feminine styles.



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