Saturday, December 4, 2021
African Influencer Awards

African Influencer Awards Nominees List

The list is comprised of game changers that have been influencing tends and inspiring change through out 2021

Here’s why you have cellulite, and how you can fix it.

When Kendrick Lamar's Humble hit everyone's playlist, women all over the world got more comfortable showing off their "somethin' real" on...
Jemima Mandemwa

Jemima Mandemwa: “Let’s join hands in solving environmental problems”

A lot of people, even us as young people all over the world have been coming together to speak for climate justice.
The wood affair

The Wood Affair presents Movie Night

Whether its with your family, your girls or a date Movie night is one of the places to be

Bulawayo born rapper Cal Vin dies.

Bulawayo is under a dark cloud mourning the loss of the star to a hit and and run incident late Saturday night.
Sex with a new partner

Having sex with a new partner for the first time

Having sex with a partner for the first time caan be nerve wrecking, heres how to go through with it with zero worries

How to communicate with your partner, effectively.

Do you want to avoid this common communication mistake that partners make in a a relationship? If so, the solution is simple
Nomthunzi Moyo

Nomthunzi Moyo: Starting a business as a young entrepreneur.

It required time and capital which I did not have. Eventually, through savings, hard work

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