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Bongo Love: “Do not take short cuts and do not waste time.”


Bongo Love is a Zimbabwean sculptor currently based in Boulder Colorado USA, he has participated in various world stage competitions like the wood carving world cup in Germany where he placed 3rd.

“I Was born in Zimbabwe. I started sculpting in Zvishavane when I was still in primary school courtesy of Samutoko the great inspirational sculptor.”

My work symbolizes life time experiences and inspiration whether spiritual or congenital regardless.

Bongo Love

Community is always the biggest influence. My mentor the great Samutoko was the man who inspired me most and a lot of other artists I met along the way.

The best way to seek opportunities is to expose yourself people need to know about you. Then your name spreads out.

Being able to travel the world and do what I enjoy doing, winning a lot of competitions and rubbing shoulders with some of the worlds best sculptors was the highlight of my career.

For the young all I can say is be who you are. If u don’t know the long way do not take shortcuts. Perseverance is the key focus on enacting systems that help you attain your goals. Don’t be all over the place focus on what’s at hand. Don’t waste time.


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