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Ammara Brown turns 31 and drops new song (06/09/19)

Happy Birthday Ammara

Celebrating 31, looking good and giving to the Ammartia. Happy birthday Ammara Brown.

The barefoot goddess releaes Tichichema, a track which is deeply emotional, a testing tale of living with a man who drowns her in his issues.

In an interview Ammara said:

This is my present to myself and the whole of Ammartia. I want to tell a true story that many people can relate to that is not mainstream. This is a song that talks about loving someone who is broken and knowing that women should love themselves enough to leave those kinds of situations.

DJ Tamuka and Rodney have their fingerprints all over the song.The track drops on YouTube on Friday before it spreads across other platforms.

Source 3-mob.com


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