Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She is currently a full time student studying Health Education , model, Host/Presenter, Founder and Host of an online show called #GirlTalk, public speaker, advocate of women empowerment, women’s rights and the support of the girl child. Over and above that, she is Miss World Zimbabwe UK.

Amanda is the founder of “Ngcono Mbowane Foundation” a charity organisation which was set up end of 2018 which aims to help men, women children in Zimbabwe and Africa with with school supplies, sanitary pads for girls and projects for communities.

She is a multi-talented woman as she is also a host/presenter and has hosted quite a number of events locally such as ZIM 39th Independence, spoken at events such as the She Festival, I Am Empowered event hosted her very own women’s networking dinner early this year. She hosts the #GirlTalk show online.

With awards like the Zimbabwe Young Achievers awards 2018, the Zimbabwean International Women’s awards “Rising Star” 2018, a Zimbabwean Models Awards 2018 nomination under her belt Amanda is not looking back. She is set to represent Zimbabwe at the Miss Global International in Jamaica next month.

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

Tell us about the Ngcono Mbowabe Foundation.

The Ngcono Mbowane Foundation is a charity Foundation founded by Amanda Ngcono Nkomo. The vision is to be able to work with, support and provide the necessary tools needed for people to live a stable and fulfilling life for all people and ultimately strengthen communities. To be able to provide for community needs such as school supplies, pads for girls, clothing, food, health care and more. so far, the foundation has successfully carried out its first project in Zimbabwe in January 2019 where the organisation provided school supplies and also sanitary towels for girls in rural schools. The foundation carried out a workshop on women empowerment surrounding topics that affect young women. The foundation’s aims in the long run are to grow and build so that more projects can be effected all over Zimbabwe and Africa too. We stand by the motto “My Zimbabwe, Your Zimbabwe, Our Zimbabwe.”

What can women expect to take away from the event?

#GirlTalk is a social and interactive talk show for girls where we make room for wider conversations pertaining to women creating and utilizing networks and promoting collaboration with other creative and entrepreneurial young women on the MadeInZWE Snapchat platform. This year in March 2019 I got a scholarship to spend a couple days at the United Nations headquarters in New York City as delegate discussing many different world issues. I would like to share my experience with other women.

The aim of this event is to empower the young women in Bulawayo to go out there and be better women to build better communities. The purpose of this event is to network with women in Bulawayo from different organisations, it is an opportunity for women to showcase their work. This event will be mainly targeted young women between age of 15 to 30 years old.

Amanda Ngono Nkomo

We are built on the foundation that empowerment is when one allows for other people to make their own decisions and make those decisions become a reality through whatever means they desire. Therefore, this means helping women understand that they have the power and ability to live their lives in the way they wish, and in allowing women to do so, there will be a positive outcome. From this event we hope women can take away a range of different tools and knowledge to go out there and be world changers.

What’s the contingency plan after this event?

The plan after this event is to hopefully carry out similar events all around Zimbabweto give more women opportunities to experience #GirlTalkLiveInZWE and hopefully the bigger it gets, the more we are able to offer and give out better opportunities.

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

Any key guest speakers we can expect to network with?

Yes of course we have a range of different organisations working with us such as Girls or steam, Youth of today and tomorrow, Inspire women and children. Guest speakers include the Junior Mayoress and also Junior Chamber International local President Sinqobile Ndlovu.


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