How to keep your edges healthy
Healthy edges

A damaged hairline is every woman’s nightmare, weather your hair is treated or natural. While some naturally have thin hairlines, others suffer from hair loss because of the protective styles they wear. However, by making use of the tips below, you will find that there is real hope in nourishing your edges, even if you have struggled with them your entire life. Here are 5 tips to mitigate your hair emergency.

Stop adding tension to your hair and scalp

We definitely love a cute sleek bun without the hustle. Whether its to the top or back of our head. However, the best advice would be to avoid this as it puts tension on your hair by constantly pulling it and stressing it, causing your hair to recede on the hairline. Rather let your hair hang loosely or jell up your hair using products such as Long and Lasting Braid Spray or the ORS Castor Oil braid spray.

Stimulate your scalp

Healthy oils are essential for stimulating your scalp. Making use of different oils for your hair makes it easy for it to grow. Hair loves and enjoys stimulation. So, when you have a minute apply some oil and massage that scalp to foster new hair growth.

Nourish your hair

Your hair’s strength and texture depends on the nutrients you feed it. That old saying that once your hair is out (from your scalp)it is dead, is very true. Your job is to revive it. Hair mayonnaise is great for rejuvenating the hair while giving it a chance to regrow and recover the edges.

Rest that weave or wig

It seems like a good idea to always wear a weave and or wig because they save time and help you look diverse, but they can be problematic as they cut off your hair, making your edges fall off and leaving your hair stressed. Experts advise that you hang up that wig and let your hair breathe.

Care for those edges

If your edges have been ruined already then there’ s no need to panic. you can recover them. Shea butter and oil treatment are best for already damaged hair. Once you’re on them, follow step 1-4.


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